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◆the central an●d local governments●, 80 percent〓 and 20 perce●nt respecti●vely. Luo Zh■enming is one lo〓cal resident ●who came earl◆y to buy a re


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f〓rigerator.L■uo Zhenming, 〓one villager sai■d "The progr○am is very good. ◆The policy ●brings us benef●its. The refriger●ator costs 15-h●undred y

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uan. Now I o◆nly need to pay 13-h●undred."To saf■eguard farmers'○ interests, authorit○ies made produ〓ct quality a hi■gh priority. All◆ products ●taking part

in〓 the program ar〓e subject to stric◆t quality control. A●ll the product◆s sold wil〓l enjoy an p●ost-sale services.Wa○n Sheng, on■e villager said "I ●plan

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